Greetings and Happy Holidays to you all…..We hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits.... 

It's hard to believe that we are at the end of yet another year in our adventure here on this good earth. 

I am extremely pleased to announce that we completed tracking Ignacio Berroa's new album "Heritage and Passion". Some amazing talent including the likes of  Luis PerdomoAdam Rogers, Mark Shim,, Ricky Rodriguez, Boris Koslov , Mauricio Herrea.  The sessions were expertly recorded by Jim Anderson at Avatar Studios.  

As reported earlier, I continue to work on a trilogy of musical pieces entitled "Pasos". The first movement of the eventual trilogy was completed late last year and performed in December at Carnegie Hall. The 8-part manuscript of this installment is available for free download here. I am nearing completion of part 2.

For the last 3 or 4 months I have been "recomposing" an orchestral piece I wrote back in 1987 as my thesis in connection with my licensure in composition entitled "Embele Iruke" and I am extremely excited about the  prospects of recording and performing this work in the near future. This piece could be considered a classical work, but will include elements of many movements, Cuban Folkloric music and rhythms combined with European Classical and Jazz sensibilities. 

I had the pleasure of playing a concert with Anna Marii Jopek in Poland, where we were presented a gold album for the album "Polanna". I feel honored and blessed to have been asked to record and perform with Anna and my old friend Gil Goldstein and the wonderful group of exceptional musicians and people that were part of the project. I was treated with love and the utmost respect for which I am grateful. 

I have also had the pleasure of playing at Jazzdor Festival with Armando Gola and Ernesto Simpson as well as several dates with the one and only Mr. Al Di Meola

Volcan has begun touring the world.  We have toured South America and Europe a bit and we are on our way to Japan, Russia, and other destinations this coming year. We are thankful for the response and excitement we are feeling everywhere we play. We expect to play at several jazz festivals in the States, including The San Francisco Jazz Festival. 

Meanwhile, have begun our preparations for recording the second Volcan album in the next few months at 5Passion Studio in South Florida.   We are happy to report that the first Volcan album was well received by critics and fans alike and is available for purchase here. You can hear snippets of the music here and you can listen to snippets of all 5Passion releases to date here.  

We are expecting the arrival of Jose Armando Gola's "Electric Gola" and Yosvany Terry's "Ye-de-gbe" shortly. Yosvany's disc has been mastered and is in the artwork/packaging phase, while Jose's disc is in the editing phase….These offerings will be very interesting releases....

A video entitled " The Making of XXI Century" will soon be available on Blu-ray in high definition. 

I continue to work on my next solo disc entitled "Caminos" . We are completing vocal and percussion overdubs in December and plan to finish editing and begin mixing in late December. I am very happy with the results, and once again we are blessed by the presence of many superb talents including Ernesto Simpson, Matt Brewer, Seamus Blake, Alex Sipiagin, Pedrito Martinez , Adam Rogers and as a very special guest on one selection….none other than Mr. John McLaughlin.  

For further details check out my blog at

Lot’s of other great things developing, all for which I’m humbled and thankful. 

As always, thank you for your support.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Gary Galimidi and the 5Passion family!



Moncalieri Jazz 2013 (16° edizione)


Il clou del Moncalieri Jazz Festival partirà poi giovedì 14 novembre con Volcan del quartetto cubano formato da Gonzalo Rubalcaba (pianoforte),Horacio Hernandez “El Negro” (batteria), Armando Gola (basso) and guest Anthony Carrillo (percussioni) per la loro unica data italiana. più...

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Goście na koncercie Anna Marii Jopek & go­ście spe­cjal­ni Gon­za­lo Ru­bal­ca­ba

  16 paź, 09:27

Goście na koncercie Anna Marii Jopek

Anna Maria Jopek wy­stą­pi 26 li­sto­pa­da w war­szaw­skiej Sali Kon­gre­so­wej! Na sce­nie wraz z wo­ka­list­ką po­ja­wią się go­ście spe­cjal­ni Gon­za­lo ...

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VOLCAN itunes cover

Finale des Radio-Festivals Birdland-Jazzclub lädt ins Stadttheater 05. November 2013

Neuburg Der Höhepunkt des dritten Birdland-Radio-Jazzfestivals in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bayerischen Rundfunk findet heuer wieder im Neuburger Stadttheater statt. Im vergangenen Jahr begeisterte die amerikanische Sängerin Dee Dee Bridgewater mit ihrem Quintett. Diesen Freitag nun kommt Gonzalo Rubalcaba mit seinem aktuellen Quartett „Volcan“.

Was auch immer der ...

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Musique Jazz - Festival Jazzdor Festival Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio

DateLe 22/11/2013 à 20h30

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, piano / Armando Golas, contrebasse / Ernesto Simpson, batterie (Cuba)

Découvert au début des années 80 au sein de la légendaire formation cubaine Orquesta Aragon, Gonzalo Rubalcaba a très vite tracé sa route en solo, ou presque. Trop doué, trop curieux pour se ...

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Il momento più atteso del Moncalieri Jazz Festival partirà poi giovedì 14 novembre con Volcan .....

MONCALIERI - . Il momento più atteso del Moncalieri Jazz Festival partirà poi giovedì 14 novembre con Volcan del quartetto cubano formato da Gonzalo Rubalcaba (pianoforte), Horacio Hernandez “El Negro” (batteria), Armando Gola (basso) and guest Anthony Carrillo (percussioni) per la loro unica data italiana. Più......

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古巴鋼琴手鞏札羅 拉丁爵士三重奏

古巴鋼琴手鞏札羅 拉丁爵士三重奏

民生@報/陳小凌-2013年09月12日 下午22:27





出生在音樂世家,鞏札羅‧魯巴卡巴的父親為古巴charanga(樂團風行於40年代)樂團「Charanga Rubalcaba」的團長及鋼琴手。他在8歲開始學習鋼琴,9歲進入 Manuel Saumell Consevatory 接受古典音樂訓練,之後於哈瓦那藝術學院 (Institute of Fine Arts in Havana) 主修音樂作曲,古典訓練為他打下扎實的基礎。80年代,才20出頭的鞏札羅,已經開始活躍於古巴哈瓦那的爵士酒吧。

1986年與 Charlie Haden 在哈瓦那爵士音樂節的相遇,開啟了他們超過20年的合作關係。Dizzy Gillespie、Charlie Haden等大師背書下,他於90年代赴美發展,至今已發行超過20張專輯,是眾多爵士高手力邀合作對象,鞏札羅共獲15次葛萊美提名,其中包含以1995年的【狂想曲】、1999年的Antiguo與【內在旅行】、2002年的【超新星】,與2008年的Avatar五張專輯,獲得5次「年度最佳爵士專輯」。他在2001年6月獲頒「SFJAZZ領導者桂冠獎」,並於2002年與邱裘.瓦爾德斯在蒙特婁爵士音樂節擔任駐節藝術家。


當談到自己的音樂風格時,Gonzalo Rubalcaba認為自己的音樂並不單是以爵士為基礎,也不把自己歸類為一位爵士音樂家,他提及:「我從來不認為我是一位爵士音樂家…..我認為對一位音樂家來說,擁有多元的音樂背景是很重要的,因此要對其他音樂類型有包容與不含偏見的態度,才能豐富音樂的成熟度與智慧。」鞏札羅‧魯巴卡巴顛覆傳統拉丁爵士的紛擾印象,大膽地融合現代非洲與古巴音樂風格,深具優雅的拉丁感染力將釋放內心深處的靈魂!


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5Passion Tracking Studio Up and Running....


The 5Passion Tracking Studio is up and running... We are blessed to have this facility, which will allow our artists and friends a flexible and friendly  environment in which to make music. It's not located in NYC, but it is located in Miami....the beat goes on...

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